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OPC Registration kerala

By Tuesday, 24-July-2018


An OPC is incorporated as a private limited company, where there is only one member and prohibition in regard to invitation to the public for subscription of the securities of the company. The Salient features of an OPC include the following:

An OPC can be formed under any of below categories :

 Company limited by guarantee.

 Company limited by shares

An OPC limited by shares shall comply with following requirements :

 Shall have minimum [paid up capital of INR 1 Lac

 Restricts the right to transfer its shares

 Prohibits any invitations to public to subscribe for the securities of the company. An OPC is required to give a legal identity by specifying a name under which the activities of the business could be carried on. The words 'One Person Company' should be mentioned below the name of the company, wherever the name is affixed, used or engraved OPC Registration kerala.

 The member of an OPC has to nominate a nominee with the nominee’s written consent, and file it with the Registrar of Companies (RoC). This nominee in the event of death or in event of any other incapacity, shall become a member of an OPC. The member of an OPC at any time can change the name of the nominee providing a notice to the RoC in such manner as prescribed. On account of Death of a member, the nominee is automatically entitled for all shares and liabilities of OPC Registration kerala